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Mida Creek Wildlife

Mida Creek is a bird haven, particularly for shorebirds migrating to and from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A great variety of birds can be seen from the Mida Creek Bird Hide including herons, flamingos, terns, kingfishers, waders and birds of prey.

Egret at MidaPerhaps one of the most intriguing is the Crab-plover, logo of A Rocha Kenya. This striking black and white bird, with its sturdy crab-eating bill, is unusual in that it is the only wader in the world that makes its nest communally and in burrows.

The open waters of the creek are now recognised as important feeding areas for endangered juvenile Green Turtles, aged 4 to 6 years. The creek may well play a critical role in the development of young turtles. Dugongs were present in the past, and the creek is potentially a good habitat for these extremely rare marine mammals.

Mida birds  © Colin JacksonThe open areas of the creek and mangrove streams are important for feeding and breeding fish and rays. Many, such as snappers and bream are valuable sources of income for local people.

However, Mida Creek is being over-exploited threatening the whole ecosystem.


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Mida Creek Wildlife