Assesement of new ASSETS beneficiaries 2014

Assessment of new ASSETS beneficiaries is underway with Festus taking a center stage in this. We glorify the Lord that 33 new students from the school that participate in the ASSETS project were able to reach the cut-off mark!! It is tough as we have to visit all the 33 families in such a short span of time but we thank the Lord for the motivation and hard work in the ASSETS team. Fortunately though, some of our guests at Mwamba who happen to strongly support the ASSETS project offered to join in one of the field trips. The day started early with a trip to Mijomboni primary school where assessment for that day was to be done.

Jonathan 3

The couple had an eventful day practically experiencing how it takes to be the ASSETS coordinator! They were able to see the tree nurseries that ASSETS beneficiaries keep, and the new farming technique “farming God’s way” in their farms.

jonathan 2

They also seized the opportunity to remind the locals on the need to protect the natural resources around them, adopt the new alternative technologies that are taught to them through Muvera Wa ASSETS and finally to lay their hopes in the Lord regardless. The trip was relatively rewarding and at the end of the day, they were blessed with madafu to cool off from the scorching hot sun!


We hope and pray that the exercise will go smoothly and be a blessing to all those we will be able to reach out to...


Tough but successful assessment of potential beneficiary students around Arabuko-Sokoke

The assessment exercise for the new ASSETS beneficiary students has taken the assets team four good days to complete. It was a tough time for the team riding through the sand dunes into several homes bordering Mida-creek at the sea shore and far and beyond the Arabuko-sokoke Forest. Here are pictures showing Festus and Bimbo in the villages interviewing the parents of the beneficiaries.  

Festus interviewing aparent



Bimbo interviewing mr. Jumaa (parent)

Some parents have found it hard and expensive sending their children through the secondary education due to lack of funds.  However, the ASSETS team has taken an extra mile of guiding, counseling and giving hope to them that God will give way and the students will pursue secondary education. The ASSETS program is there for them and its purpose is to glorify God. This is one way of helping the less fortune and letting them know that God loves them and they still have the potential to attain a better life.

Sharif has not yet reported in form one due to lack of school fees


James has also not reported in form one due to lackof fees

Below is a photo showing Festus guiding and counseling a parent and his son



Festus, Father and son.


Apart from the above activities, the team has managed to see one of the parents who has been a beneficiary in the ASSETS program for several years and have grasped the knowledge of conservation. It was really interesting to see his wood lot and nursery seedlings doing well. This year, he has posted another child into secondary school and is being interviewed so that his child can get support from ASSETS program.

Festus and Mr. Nasoro


Bimbo and Mr. Nasoro at his nursery shade and woodlot.

Assets team is hopping all will be well even to the families that has lost hope.