Turtle Bay Beach Club supporting ASSETS in conservation

As the saying goes, "the early bird catches the worm" and as such the ASSETS team has already started working on one of the crucial parts of the programme in order to make sure we get ahead of the game - the selecting of potential ASSETS beneficiaries who completed their primary level of education last year, 2011. One of the necessary tasks for this to happen is to get enough copies of the application forms for potential beneficiaries to complete - conservation is not all about exciting fieldwork! Below is a picture showing Conservation Assistant Bimbo on one of our new motorbikes yesterday (kindly donated by Eden Wildlife Trust) heading to Turtle Bay Beach Club to photocopy the ASSETS application forms for the new recruit beneficiaries of the year 2012 to join Form One.

Bimbo on the new motorbike off to do some photocopying

ASSETS and A Rocha Kenya as a whole is grateful to Turtle Bay Beach Club for the long-standing support it has given us in many, many - with free photocopying being quite a significant one over the years. This gives a clear picture to show that the two organisations co-operate and have a passion for a common conservation goal and we at A Rocha Kenya are very grateful for this. Turtle Bay Beach Club is one of the most responsible tourist resorts in Kenya by a long way and we are proud to be affiliated with and supported by them.

Letter from an ASSETS student

We recently received this letter from a grateful ASSETS student which was a real encouragement to us and was great to hear how the eco-bursary scheme has really made a difference in his life. Dear Sir/Madam,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ hoping that you are going on well. With me I thank the lord for the protection which he had given me so far.

The main aim of writing this letter is to thank you for giving me assistance during my schooling time by paying my school fees at Dr. Krapf Secondary School. I highly appreciate your efforts of ensuring the needy students get the chance of continuing with their education by giving school fees assistance.

I completed my four years well and managed to get a mean grade of C plain KCSE in which I have attached the results slip.

I say thanks for the whole support you gave me in my education and I pray that God would shower you with blessings and giving more resources in your bid of helping the other students who are beneficiaries.

Once again I salute you for your good work and may the Lord be with you all the time. Bye.

Yours Faithfully,

Benson Safari

We continue to be really grateful to God for his goodness in helping us assist these incredibly needy children to get to Secondary school. There are still many out there that need help. By sending a child to school with an ASSETS bursary we not only give the child their school fees, but do a lot of follow up with them and their families to make sure their studies are going well and that they have understood the importance of caring for the forest and creek.

All of this - the fees, the follow up costs including transport and salaries of staff critical to the whole process - only costs a mere $24 per month. If you would be interested to help and sponsor a child or simply give regularly to what I believe is an awesome project, please do so!

ASSETS beneficiary day #5 A group of ASSETS beneficiaries at one of the follow up events for students during the holidays.

If you would like to know how to donate then please do so through the A Rocha donations page - until we have the 'Donate' button functioning again on this blog.