Turtle Bay Beach Club

Eco-rated Gold by ecotourism Kenya in 2013, Turtle Bay Beach Club is an award winning responsible resort at the Kenya coast. This resort supports ASSETS, by encouraging direct donations from their clients. Turtle Bay provides opportunities for presentations about ASSETS to be conducted to the hotel guests every fortnight as well as donates directly to the ASSETS bursary fund as well.

A Rocha International has played a big and vital role in supporting ASSETS. They have supported us financially, with different resources  and sent us volunteers who come and assist in the different areas of the program. International donors and well wishers have also supported us through A Rocha International.

Safaricom Foundation

Ten years after the building of the Mida boardwalk and bird hide, it was time to conduct major renovation of the facility. The Safaricom Foundation generously provided the money for this.

We have received support and grants from various other organizations; both conservation and humanitarian. These include: Global Environment Facility (Small Grants Program). Funds from GEF were used to build the Mida Creek Boardwalk and Bird-hide, the Arabuko swamp Tree platform and for guide training. It also provided the initial funds to pay the ASSETS coordinator's salary as well as the first term scholarships.

Spinetail Safaris, a local tour company contributes 10% of its proceeds to ASSETS. For professional bird guides in Kenya and East Africa contact the ASSETS coordinator.

Other organisations that contributed significantly to ASSETS include; Tourism Cares for Tomorrow (TCT), WWF Netherlands and Geneva Global. Many local businesses, individuals,  A Rocha supporters and visitors to Watamu have also contributed in a great way to the success of the Programme. Mama Lucy Mini Market, Karimjee Hardware Stores, Captain Andy’s Fishing Supplies, Watamu Supermarket, Sala Terena and KK Hardware are the main ones.