Eco-tourism has demonstrated a great potential in sustaining the long-term future of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek. Given the rare and unique wildlife in these areas, the potential for income generation from Eco-tourism is high.

ASSETS is promoting Eco-tourism by providing facilities which allow visitors a more in-depth experience of the sites. A hanging mangrove walkway and bird hide was constructed at Mida Creek. All the proceeds from the Boardwalk go directly into the ASSETS Eco-bursary fund for Secondary School scholarships.

Mida Boardwalk


The Boardwalk a 260m long walkway hanging on suspended galvanized steel cables with a small structure at the end (bird hide) for bird-watching and viewing the creek. 

This facility is strategically placed overlooking a high tide roosting site for over 5,000 water birds. The reception is situated at the entrance to the Creek from where the operations are managed. Highly trained guides are available at the reception for interpretation of the habitat and general guiding of visitors.

Upon paying a minimum entry fee of Ksh 300/= (3 USD) for non-residents visitors, Ksh 200/= for residents and Ksh 100/= for Kenyan citizens, one is guaranteed a life time memorable experience of the extremely complex Mangrove ecosystem of Mida Creek. This facility whose operation is being managed by A Rocha Kenya through a memorandum of agreement is the property of Muvera wa ASSETS.