Internship opportunities at Mwamba

How ASSETS has changed the lives of two young people, currently doing internships at Mwamba Field and Study Center. francis kitchen 2

To give you a further understanding of how the ASSETS program supports young needy people I have interviewed two young volunteers as to how ASSETS has positively impacted their lives and given them a diverse range of opportunities that would not have otherwise been available to them.

Name: Francis Kazungu

francis boardwalk

Age: 22

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I have 2 sisters and 7 brothers

What do your mum and dad do for a living?

My parents are jobless

How did you first become involved with ASSETS projects?

In 2005 I first became involved with ASSETS, after I had passed my exams they assisted me with school fees, those whose parents couldn’t afford to send their kids to school they assisted and they paid for a high percentage of my school fees

How did you come to be at Mwamba?

After we had completed our secondary school exams they gave us internship forms to fill out, this was in June of this year (2010) after filling them in we were called to an interview at Mwamba, there were seven of us and I managed to be one of two who were accepted.

What activities are you involved with at Mwamba and with ARK?

I help assist the cook; I do some house keeping including laying the table for meals and interacting with guests. I will be going to the Gedi ruins to be in charge of the tree platform project that is re-opening by the end of this month.

Has your time here helped you learn about the environment and wildlife?

Yes because the staff encourage the importance of conserving the environment and to know deeply about the bird species and the tree species.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to start helping with conservation of wildlife and teach people the importance of conservation, so our children can get to see the different species of animals, I want to be a teacher, teaching about conservation, that is what is in my heart.

janet for blog

Name: Janet Kalama

Age: 21

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

six sisters and one brother

What do your mum and dad do for a living?

They are farmers

How did you first become involved with the ASSETS projects?

I had just passed my KCPE examination and was given ASSETS bursary forms and applied for funds for my secondary school education. They started paying for me from form one to form four at St Johns secondary school.

How did you come to be at Mwamba?

After finishing secondary school we were given an internship form and filled it out and posted it. Then we were called for an interview, had the interview and a few days later I was called to report at Mwamba.

What activities are you involved with at Mwamba and with Arocha Kenya?

I help with housekeeping, kitchen work, computer studies and office work, learning about hospitality.

Has your time here helped you learn about the environment and wildlife?


What do you hope to do after you leave Mwamba?

I want to join a teaching course and start teaching at a primary school.

It is clear to see that the projects that ASSETS offer to young people are completely life changing and life enhancing. This work helps to empower young people and encourage them to live great lives; an internship at Mwamba providing hands-on experience of team work and industry and knowledge about the environment. As well as this, the students learn about hospitality and gain an understanding of different cultures, working and meeting volunteers and guests from all over the world at Mwamba. This great work could not be possible without donations and other forms of support, so if you would like to donate to ASSETS and help to cause real and lasting change to the lives of local children, providing them with support we often take for granted, please visit: A Rocha donations page

Letter from an ASSETS student

We recently received this letter from a grateful ASSETS student which was a real encouragement to us and was great to hear how the eco-bursary scheme has really made a difference in his life. Dear Sir/Madam,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ hoping that you are going on well. With me I thank the lord for the protection which he had given me so far.

The main aim of writing this letter is to thank you for giving me assistance during my schooling time by paying my school fees at Dr. Krapf Secondary School. I highly appreciate your efforts of ensuring the needy students get the chance of continuing with their education by giving school fees assistance.

I completed my four years well and managed to get a mean grade of C plain KCSE in which I have attached the results slip.

I say thanks for the whole support you gave me in my education and I pray that God would shower you with blessings and giving more resources in your bid of helping the other students who are beneficiaries.

Once again I salute you for your good work and may the Lord be with you all the time. Bye.

Yours Faithfully,

Benson Safari

We continue to be really grateful to God for his goodness in helping us assist these incredibly needy children to get to Secondary school. There are still many out there that need help. By sending a child to school with an ASSETS bursary we not only give the child their school fees, but do a lot of follow up with them and their families to make sure their studies are going well and that they have understood the importance of caring for the forest and creek.

All of this - the fees, the follow up costs including transport and salaries of staff critical to the whole process - only costs a mere $24 per month. If you would be interested to help and sponsor a child or simply give regularly to what I believe is an awesome project, please do so!

ASSETS beneficiary day #5 A group of ASSETS beneficiaries at one of the follow up events for students during the holidays.

If you would like to know how to donate then please do so through the A Rocha donations page - until we have the 'Donate' button functioning again on this blog.