ASSETS is being managed jointly by A Rocha Kenya and the ASSETS committee. Festus Masha, the ASSETS Co-ordinator is a full time employee of A Rocha Kenya while the ASSETS committee derives its representation from other stakeholders including government institutions, the private sector and the community. Among the institutions represented in the ASSETS committee include:- Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Forest Service (KFS), National Museums of Kenya, Ministry of Education, and the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Adjacent Dwellers Association (ASFADA). Nature Kenya, the Birdlife partner in Kenya also sits in the committee while the beneficiaries of the programme are represented through Muvera wa ASSETS.

The ASSETS bursary subcommittee is responsible for the selection of beneficiaries and termly disbursement of bursaries to them. This sub-committee which meets quarterly monitors the progress of the beneficiaries and reports to the main ASSETS Committee.

The Eco-tourism Sub-committee is in charge of maintenance of the existing ASSETS Eco-facilities and management of new ASSETS Eco-tourism ventures. This sub-committee is chaired by Hemedi Ndonga, Mida elder. The Eco-facilities belong to Muvera wa ASSETS, a registered association of the beneficiaries of ASSETS while the day-to-day operations are conducted by A Rocha Kenya staff.

The ASSETS team is headed up by Stanley Baya as the Manager of the A Rocha Kenya Community Conservation Programme; Festus Masha is the man on the ground handling the administration of scholarships; Lydia Kazungu is in charge of the communications; Alex Thoya is the ASSETS Conservation Assistant while Bimramba Kenga is the ASSETS security officer.