GIFT Awarded to Oscar

His name and photo has featured in many of both ASSETS and A Rocha newsletters. Possibly all the ASSETS beneficiaries know him. Severally he has delivered moving speeches as a representative of the ASSETS beneficiaries in different forums including during the official openeng of the Arabuko Tree platform; one of the 3 ASSETS eco-tourism facilities. Oscar Mwaro is the very 1st student to be considered as an ASSETS beneficiary. Oscar was enrolled in Lenana School in 2002 where he gratuated with grade B. Since leaving school, Oscar has been teaching French in a private institute in Watamu while trying to save enough money to join University.

His dream came true last week when he was considered to receive support for his university education by GIFT International. Grassroot Initiative Funding and Training (GIFT International) is a UK based charity that supports local community initiatives and training for the purpose of environmental conservation.

A huge burden off his shoulders! Oscar will be joining university in mid 2009 for a degree in environmental science. Oscar is very keen to come back and support the conservation of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest when he graduates from the university.

Oscar Mwaro.jpg