Eco-Bursaries; where is the link?

It may sound one thing to give bursaries to needy children and totally another thing to do environmental conservation. Now this assumption is what makes ASSETS unique as it keeps a very close link between the two qualifying it to be an "Eco-Bursary" fund. ASSETS beneficiaries days are meetings organised by the ASSETS committee for all the ASSETS beneficiaries during which the link between the bursaries, eco-tourism in Arabuko-Sokoke forest and Mida Creek and conservation is made. During this year's meetings, the main focus is sustainable utilisation of natural resources, challenges faced by students in secondary school and HIV/AIDS among students.

Five meetings are organised this year at Mida, Nyari, Bogamachuko, Malanga and Mijomboni primary schools. A really tight schedule has been planned to make ensure maximum impact of the exercise. In preperation, Juice and biscuits have been purchased to nourish the participants during the all day meetings.

Mida Beneficiaries meeting.jpg