Environmental Education at Nyari Primary School

On June 10, 2011 we had another chance to teach the pupils surrounding Arabuko Sokoke forest about the importance of conserving the forest and their environment in general. This time it was in Nyari Primary School. The pupils were excited because we had earlier announced that they we were going to show a conservation film. When we entered the class where we were to make our presentations, they all stood up at once to say hello, which was amazing with such a large number of students!

Nyali Students

Without wasting time we introduced the film. The film was produced in Swahili, and made to help encourage people to conserve their forests. The film was done in Tanzania by the Community Based Conservation Films. The pupils enjoyed the film all along and later on we asked questions on what they had learnt to summarise on our lesson.

Students watching an Environmental Education video

The excitement of the pupils was a great motivation for us to continue with school visits. This time apart from Mr. Stanley and I (Naomi), we were joined by Lydia,  an ASSETS graduate who attended Nyari primary school. Lydia was interviewed previously on this blog, and is currently doing an internship with A Rocha Kenya. She is awaiting a sponsor so that she can attend university.

Lydia, watching the presentation

We were able to show a film at this school because a projector was generously donated to A Rocha Kenya last month by Ruth and Ron Rob, from Canada. It has been appreciated greatly, as we can now take many different kinds of educational media along when we go to do the presentations, and keep the students well engaged.

Naomi Wanjiru Gichungu, Environmental Education intern.