Motivation from the community

The Mvera WA ASSETS (Parents of ASSETS Association) is becoming a winner to the community members around the Arabuko – Sokoke forest. This can be seen in a recent meeting, where three members of the community have willingly joined the program in conservation despite the fact that they do not have children benefiting from it. This means that they genuinely believe in practicing conservation. The new members acquired education on the importance of the forest and the need to conserve it from the ASSETS team (Festus & Bimbo).
A photo from the meeting described above

Festus and Mvera members at the meeting

 There are also five other members whose children are beneficiaries that have completed their secondary school education. However, they have also decided to remain in the program because they have learned of the importance, significance and the benefits of conserving the forest.

Changes like this show that the ASSETS conservation program is bringing a very positive change to the community living around the Arabuko - Sokoke forest. It is so important to continue teaching on the importance of conservation in this area, for the hope that people will end destructive practices. When people who are not directly benefiting from ASSETS decide that conservation of the forest is important, it gives us hope that deforestation and animal poaching will come to an end someday.

Please consider supporting us in this important work!

-Bimbo (ASSETS Extension Officer)