Environmental Education Jump-started again

It was again necessary to take the road less travelled inorder to accomplish a great mission. The last time we were on this road was in November 2011; when it was wet, cooler and green. this time round the conditions are the extreme opposite, hot, dusty and brown. We were heading for environmental education at Bogamachuko Primary school on the western edge of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

With three overseas volunteers, it was necessary to arrive just after classes to avoid disrupting learning in this school where they hardly see foreigners. by 3 pm we had arrived, and went straight into the head-teachers office where Mr Mwambao and Mr Bali gave us a brief about the school.

It was very interesting to lean about the many achievements that the school had accomplished in the last few years.

An hour later, it was time for playing the "Wader Migration Game" when twenty five students split up into two teams. The game challenges the players to realise what chances of survival birds have as they migrate between the breeding and roosting sites.

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