Ever seen so much bush meat?

The last time I saw so much meat was when I was a small boy. Then there used to be regular cultural ceremonies which called for a lot of food especially meat. This time it was all illegally killed wild animals on transit to the market at a place called Sosoni in Magarini district. we counted two water bucks and over 20 sunis very expertly tied onto two bicycles. Though I had heard that the bush meat trade was still happening, I did not have the vaguest idea that it was at this scale and therefore very destructive.

Mongoose trap

I was very sorry for two old men who looked like they had collided on each other and fell on the road with the seemingly heavy luggage on their bikes. I was later to learn that they were running away from us because they thought were wildlife rangers.

"They are trying to feed their families," exclaimed a third old man who was almost knocked down by the other two running away.