ASSETS Graduates

During the last month, three new ASSETS graduates have joined A Rocha in various volunteer tasks. May God bless all three volunteers and may God give them strength as they continue to pursue their passions.

Brian, an ASSETS graduate from Kwale High School, joined A Rocha Kenya as a volunteer a month ago. He feels the ASSETS program is a very good project. Brain thanks the ASSETS program for contributing to his education by assisting him with school fees. During his time with A Rocha, Brain has been volunteering at the Gede ruins tree platform, which is one of the eco-tourism sites raising money for bursaries.  If God wishes and Brain finds the means he would like to study law at university, which has been his career choice since he was a primary student.

Joan joined A Rocha Kenya three weeks ago. She has been busy volunteering in the kitchen helping to make delicious meals. Joan is an ASSETS graduated from Bahari Girls Secondary School. She finds the ASSETS program to be beneficial because it helped her through school and she now knows how to conserve the environment. She enjoyed learning the names of trees and birds as well as the importance of biodiversity. In the future Joan hopes to teach science or Swahili because she loves working with children.


Kirao, an ASSETS graduate from Malindi High School, began volunteering with A Rocha Kenya last Monday. During his stay he wants to share the knowledge he has gained, and to learn from others. Kirao feels the ASSETS program is very good and it has helped many people including him.  If it were not for the program, he would not be a student a Pwani University in Kilifi. Kirao joined Pwani University in the year 2010 where he is currently studying environmental science. The ASSETS program helped to develop his passion to protect the environment. While in high school he began to share the information he learned with community conservation groups near Mida Creek. In the future Kirao wants to continue his work at Mida Creek by becoming a conservationist focusing on the protection of the mangrove forest.

It's great to see these young men and ladies so passionate about nature conservation.