Mida Creek Boardwalk Launch

Welcome to Mida Creek!

Last Monday (the 23rd of July) we celebrated the official launch of our boardwalk in Mida Creek! It was an exciting and well-attended event, with A Rocha staff and volunteers, local villagers and children, visitors from Kenya Wildlife Service, and Kenya Forest Service, as well as sponsors (Safaricom Foundation). We were able to officially launch the bridge thanks to a generous donation from the Safaricom Foundation. Everyone celebrated together with dance, theatre, tree planting and a walk across the bridge. This 260m long bridge crosses different types of mangroves which we learn to recognize as we walk along. Lucky visitors will also be able to spot various wildlife species along the way. The end of the bridge is marked by a birdhide by the beach. All the revenue collected from the boardwalk/birdhide proceeds to the ASSETS bursary scheme.

Our first walk on the newly renovated boardwalk!

African celebrations always involve dance!

Tree planting