ASSETS graduate off to study at university!

We posted  previously about our 3 ASSETS graduates currently volunteering in Mwamba with us, Brian was one of them. He's been helping A Rocha Kenya for the past 5 months, working  at  Gede  Tree  Platform,  our  eco-tourism  facility,  raising  funds  for  the  ASSETS  bursaries. He enjoyed welcoming visitors there and telling them all about the history of the Ruins. Brian the Gede Guide!

Up the tree platform, where Brian spends most of his days..

He'll be leaving us at the end of the week to start his nursing studies at Pwani University, in Kilifi! Hoi, one of our past volunteers from Singapore, kindly raised money for him to start his studies. To be able to continue, he will apply for various local and national bursary schemes.

Brian graduated from secondary school last year, and enjoys interacting with people and caring for others, which is why he chose to study nursing. He loved his time spent in A Rocha, saying its 'the best place', because of the conservation goals as well as the social side of working with communities. He especially appreciated building friendships with people from different parts of the world, and is grateful to have met this volunteer who agreed to sponsor him.

Looking back, the ASSETS scheme has really motivated him to study hard in secondary school, and to meet and work with the people who helped him has given him 'zeal and zest to study further'.

A great example of what the ASSETS scheme aspires to! We're grateful for this opportunity he has to study, and are still praying for funding for the many more graduates who wish to go to university too.

Proudly representing A Rocha!