Finally,after a long time and several setbacks, a cluster of Muvera wa ASSETS, an association of the parents of the ASSETS beneficiaries, has been registered as a user group of  Gede Community Forest  Association. This cluster is of parents whose children are pupils at Mzizima, Mijomboni, Chipande and Mida primary schools,four of the ten schools in the ASSETS program.

The registration means that the association can finally benefit from different activities it maybe involved in in the forest as opposed to before when it wasn't  registered.

As a result, Stanley and Patrick have been up and down holding meetings with parents from the four schools.The main reason being to set up structures that will facilitate maximum exploitation of the advantages that come with the registration and establishing the most effective way of dealing with  it's affairs.

Being a user group means that you can set up projects and activities that promote conservation and sustainable use of the resources within the forest .The income generated from these activities is for the benefit user group.

Isn't that great?

Some of the projects by ASSETS include the board walk in Mida creek and the tree platform in Gede ruins.This two Eco facilities were set up to collect funds through Eco tourism.The funds are then used for bursaries for the children' s secondary education.The parents of these children,who are members of Muvera wa ASSETS in turn participate in conservation activities.


Any project ideas?

we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.