Age is no limit; Environmental Education at Kindergaten

Most environmental education programmes target students at upper primary level of education. To many of us this is because membership of the environmental clubs (the main focus of most environmental education programmes) often comprises of students of this age. This tendency locks out the smaller children from any involvement whatsoever in environmental programmes. Today we went against all odds to engage 53 students from Edna Peter's Academy in environmental awareness activities for the afternoon. With ages ranging from Baby Class (play group) to class Four, (11 years old) it was definitely a challenge to put to order a class of 53 students. However it was a lot of fun.

After their packed lunch, the students were led on a discovery tour through the Mwamba Field Study Centre Nature Trail where they enjoyed seeing ants, monkeys and butterflies among other creatures. I couldn't stop them from singing an old butterfly song;

Butterfly butterfly

Where do you stay?

I don't know, I never had a home,

So can you take me eh eh, can you take me.

Later they had a really good time building sand castles on the beach.

It was fun! As Mark Twain wrote, "Age is an issue of mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter"