The African Billfish Foundation And Sala Terrena Support of ASSETS

Last year was a great year for ASSETS. Ayoti joined the team as a Liaison officer for the program. This was thanks to Ms Christina Harris of Sala Terrena Creative Construction and African Billfish Foundation. Ayoti

In September 2012, Ayoti joined the team after Ms. Harris,who was her line manager then approved her move from Sala Terrena to A Rocha Kenya. She herself is a conservationist and works through African Billfish Foundation, a foundation that seeks to create awareness and promote the conservation of billfish along the East African coast.

Ms. Harris, through Sala Terrena  Creative Construction, a company that she manages and is owned by Andrew Melesi  gave a donation to ASSETS. This donation was to facilitate for Ayoti to work for the program for six months, in fundraising, till end of February 2013.

It has been four months since she joined the program and we are glad to say that a lot has been accomplished in the short time she has been with ASSETS.

She has revived communication with different stakeholders, taking care of the database and other related tasks that had stalled. Ayoti has successfully organized ASSETS first ever fund raiser walk that aimed at raising funds for the 2013 bursaries. She has also represented ASSETS in different meetings and initiated communication with potential donor.

Ayoti: In orange,with other participants of the fund raiser walk she organized

Ayoti has indeed made a major contribution to the program and we are very grateful to have her as part of our team. We do hope that we will be able to keep her way beyond the six month period.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Christina Harris and Mr. Andrew Melesi for recognizing the work that is being done by ASSETS and supporting it.