ASSETS- The Theatre of Dreams

  Our prime objective at A Rocha Kenya is not only to conserve and care for nature but also to help the communities living around us in the best way we can. We care and work with the communities living around us, because the community forms part of the core principles that we at A Rocha believe in. Through the ASSETS project we have provided an opportunity for the African children to nurture their dreams some soaring to greater heights than we could have ever thought.
Johnston Fondo. Johnston is one of the most outstanding ASSETS graduates of all time. He hails from Boga where he attended his Primary School at Bogamachuko and was a beneficiary of the project between the years 2007 to 2010 at Lenana School. In fact he was in the same class with our ASSESTS Liaison Intern both at Boga and at Lenana School.

After successfully completing his high school at Lenana, he was lucky to secure a scholarship to pursue an International Baccalaureate diploma at The Agha Khan Academy in Mombasa. He graduated from Agha Khan in August 2013 and two weeks later he was on board Kenya Airways to Canada. He had won a scholarship to study Investment Banking at the University of British Columbus (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. Finally, a dream comes true!

This is just a single case among many of how hopeless African children have been rewarded with a chance to realize their full potential through education. Just by visiting our tree platform at Gede Ruins and the boardwalk at Mida creek you can help pay secondary school fees for a child and maybe be part of a mission to send another child from the neighborhoods of the Arabuko Sokoke forest to the Oxford or Harvard University who knows!!

Be part of this noble mission and give a child an opportunity to achieve their dreams by making a donation online see: Make sure to choose "Kenya; ASSETS bursaries".

Johnston’s graduation day at Agha Khan.