Wings to fly...

Wednesday 29th of January 1130hrs near Arabuko sokoke forest and Mida Creek: What would be the most valuable form of wealth would you wish to leave to your child?

Looking at it in a local perspective, many Kenyan parents would go for higher education.

Most families here fraught below the dollar mark thus physical wealth would automatically be out of the question.

Higher education therefore stands out to be the only opportunity towards a ‘break out’ from the poverty cycle,as one is likely to find decent employment upon graduation.Unavailability of these educational opportunities could be quite frustrating with dreams shuttered and futures uncertain.

Providing school fees through secondary school, the ASSETS project is an inspiration to even greater personal development in addition to the primary goal of instigating community participation in conservation.Congratulations to two ASSETS beneficiaries Lennox Kirao and Grace Neema who despite all the odds are set to graduate from Pwani University later this year.


Lennox Kirao

Kirao pursuing B.S.C Environmental Science has kept close ties with A Rocha Kenya volunteering with our Research & Monitoring programme. Kirao went to Malindi High School where he received the ASSETS bursary.

Grace Neema who went to St. Johns Girls Secondary School Kaloleni will be graduating with a B.A in English Literature.

Your kind donations towards the ASSETS project have not only given them a prospect to excel in life but also  set them as role models in their villages.

All the best to these two young scholars!!