Teachers training at Bamba

Day one of the Bamba work shop was marked by the arrival of the facilitator’s team; Mr. Tsofa (wildlife club of Kenya), Mr. Stanley Baya and Mr. Brown all two from A Rocha Kenya and 19 guests out of the invited 20 guests. The turn up was really not expected but quite encouraging.The trainees were enthusiastic about the workshop and they were really ready to learn…They expressed their expectations by the end of the Workshop: “I want to gain more knowledge on environmental issues by the end of the workshop,” “I want to learn what the workshop is all about”, to mention but a few.


They learn't what the term environment meant and the components of environment, that is; physical, social and economic environment, the effects of environmental degradation and their mitigation measures. They later had a transect walk through Bamba township noting down environmental issues that need to be addressed to improve the welfare of the town, discuss them in groups and finally make group presentation thereafter. Day two was marked by as video watch on environmental issues.


 Day 3 and the last day of the workshop was marked with a talk on climate change and their mitigation measures, Wild life Clubs and why have wildlife in our schools by Mr. Baya and Mr. Tsofa respectively. The teachers, in turn, promised to form Wildlife Clubs by the end of the term. A closing ceremony was in place, by Nicky Karisa. Wrapped in envelops were certificates that were issued to nonspecific persons who were to stand one after the other, open envelop, read the name silently, point whom it belong to come forward to receive. Amazingly some did not know others, it was such an amazing moments.