The Farming God's ways A Rocha Kenya’s project has made it possible for farmers to form a Mweria working system that has been established in Mulunguni and Boyani where villagers meet in a member’s farm to work. 10502154_10152587937728524_1778190650428455964_n

The exercise is on-going at the moment, the well watered gardens are coming up ok, though slightly below our expectations mainly because the manure used was of very poor quality, almost fresh. Nevertheless this did not break the farmers’ spirit at all as a matter of fact it was a significant  lesson learnt. For they will be far more careful next time; just like the saying " once bitten twice shy".


The already trained members undertook the training under  supervision and with the help of the field staff after a one day training and rehearsal on their own. This has already started off successfully. The trained villagers take it upon themselves to train other fellow farmers.  Strict rules and fines were made for the success of the system. The farmers made a lot of sacrifices ; the willingness to avail themselves and to be patient to learn and to even go ahead and enlighten fellow farmers on the same.


We hope that the system will continue on successfully and hope that God will continue blessing us all the way.