An Urgent Matter

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You might have been wondering why there has not been news. I have had to put work aside for a week to attend to some critical, urgent personal matter, in fact to pay dowry for my wife to be on the 11th of October. You never know what to expect in this and therefore leaving very little room to prepare ending up very supprised by what it turns out to be. Caro (Caroline) my fiance comes from the Kamba tribe so we travelled about 800 km north to Tala where she comes from, a beautiful country side about 60 km from Nairobi. My mother was very supprised to learn that coffee is from berries and not leaves of the coffee plant. Having spent all her time down at the coast, she was indeed thrilled by the long journey and the sudden very different set-up inland.

Among the things required as dowry are 42 live goats, one bull and loads of honey. Most interesting, I dont't do alot of slaughtering at home but here, I have had to slaughter a goat as a symbol of accepting Caro. This went very well and the meat was delicous. After all the feasting we were alowed to negotiate on the dowry and give a date for when we shall present this price. 6th of September was agreed at in the end; barely one month before the wedding.

I am looking forward to the 12 hrs drive tomorrow night going back to work!

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