Maximizing on Low Tourist Season!

Everything is blamed on the post election violence! For employees in the hotel industry, it is a very popular reason why they cannot repay their debts while their managers have found it easy to lay off half their staff to save on wages overhead in the name of redundancy. Head teachers in private schools have fallen victims of the same whilst children have accumulated enormous fees balances; reason, post election violence has ruined tourism in Kenya. Whilst all this is perfectly true and well worthy knowing, we should also note that it is June, the poorest Month in tourism. At the Mida bird hide, this is usually the time when we can receive one visitor in a whole week. At the Gede ruins, they hardly get tourists anyway and to them this is perfectly normal for the Month of June.

BH reno.1.JPG

Renovation of the Mida Bird hide

While this is happening, we have since mid-May closed the Mida bird hide for some major renovations. A team of five has been working tirelessly on the facility and is now almost done. The fundi, Kadenge, "the bomb" promises it will be fully functional in two weeks.