The Hon. Noah Wekesa visits Mida Creek and the Hanging Walkway!

minister-on-boardwalk.jpg Last saturday Dr Noah Wekesa, Minister for Forestry and Wildlife and MP for Kwanza visited the Mida creek and the hanging walkway. Tony Kasungu and Tsofa Mweni arrived bright and early at 8am to greet the MP but due to commitments he did not arrive until after 12pm! However, afer his arrival they galantly explained about the work of the Assets programme and how it benefits Mida Creek, the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and the surrounding communities.


The Hon. Noah Wekesa was guided around the Mangrove forest by Arafa, one of our guides at Mida Creek  He then walked on part of the hanging walkway before he had to move on due to other commitments. He was very impressed with the Assets programme and the eco-tourism site at Mida creek!