Esther tells her story

esthercompressed.jpg   It was nice to have Esther visit our offices in Mwamba today. As a graduate in the ASSETS bursary scheme, Esther Kache Karisa graduated from Bogamachuko primary school and headed to Ribe girls for her high school. She graduated from Ribe girls in the year 2007 and attained a mean grade of B-. During her time in high school she was really hardworking and dedicated to her education. Because of  her poor background Esther did not believe she was going through her secondary education. ‘It’s the ASSETS support that has seen me through my high school education’, Esther said. ‘Lots of appreciation to the ASSETS scheme’, Esther continued.  Esther is now 20 years old.

 Esther visit was also to inquire if there was extended support to university. It was very sad when she learnt that in the month of July I went to her home looking for her. It was sadder when the parents said they did not know the whereabouts of this girl. Esther was really bitter of this lost chance.  Below she explains her sad story.

‘I left home 3 years ago when I was in form two. Enough had been enough. I remember very well, I went to school and over the holiday I would work as a house maid to get some money for my pocket because the ASSETS scheme was paying for my school fees. It was not easy. After my final exam in November 2007, I went to my sister in Malindi town. Since then I have worked as a kiosk attendant in Kilifi and Mombasa and now am quitting job to help my sister who had an operation recently.’

It was like squeezing water out of a stone when Esther was telling me her story. She broke down in the midst of the story and was unable to finish. Too sad for Esther, it dawned on me that she was greatly mistreated by both parents.

The worst part is that she was 1 of 10 students to be interviewed in July 2008 for the chance to be the winner of one bursary from GIFT International which would pay fees for a university course.  Because of her parents mistreatment she was not at home when I went looking for her and so missed out on the chance to even try for the place.

It’s so sad when we hear these stories, mistreated by parents who are unable to see how well she has done in school. Esther even worked during the holidays to get money to top up the school fees.  But at least through the work of Assets Esther has been able to complete her high school certificate and therefore her chances of employment are far greater than they would otherwise have been.  Please pray for her as she looks to the future.

Tony Kasungu, ASSETS staff member.