Where the rubber hits the road!

Nyari Meeting.jpgOver the last two weeks, we were involved in a vigourous environmental education programme. The whole ASSETS team dropped everything else to participate in meetings with the ASSETS beneficiaries. This time we were meeting both the parents and students in two seperate meetings. It is always fun to welcome the new beneficiaries to the ASSETS scheme and see how exited they are. Meetings started with the closest school, Mida where we were meeting with students from Mida and Chipande primary schools. We then proceeded to Nyari primary school on the southern side of the forest where we were meeting over 70 students. Bogamachuko and Kahingoni primary schools where most of the beneficiaries come from were next . It is always very pleasing to meet these very cheerful students who almost entirely depend on the ASSETS bursaries for their education. We camped at Bogamachuko for the night in order to save on fuel and cut our carbon footprint by not driving back the 70 km to Watamu just for the night. By 9.00 a.m. we were at Malanga to meet students from Malanga and Girimacha primary school. Last was Mijomboni primary school on Friday the 24th.

This year's theme for our meetings was "Bush Meat Trade". The students had an opportunity to learn about the consequences of Bush Meat Trade and particularly on the ASSETS eco-bursary scheme. In deed this is a really crucial activity where the primary aim of the ASSETS scheme can be realised.