Planning for the Mida Bird Hide renovations

At last we can meet and plan for the renovations. For the last six months we have been waiting for this moment. The Safaricom Foundation has very generously given us a grant of Ksh. 750,000 (USD 9,600) for a complete overhaul of the Mida Creek walkway and Bird hide which has in the last four years contributed over 100 bursaries to the local secondary school children.

This facility has been closed for the last one month awaiting funds as promised by the foundation.
Todays meeting was to select five casual employees from the community to work on the facility. Rojan Taylor, a local engineer has offered to help us with designing and implementing the renovations.
My day started very well this morning. While getting ready to go to work, I was listening to the radio basically for the weather focast to know whether I need a rain-coat or not but in the process heard more pleasant news. Tourism projections for the rest of the year according to the Citizen Radio news bulletin this morning look very encouraging. With over 80% bed-night bookings for hotels along the coast, there is at last light at the end of the tunnel. The renovations are therefore very timely as they will be completed just before the tourism season peaks.