Community Claims their own!

Since the formation of Muvera wa ASSETS, an association of the ASSETS beneficiaries, the community has been asking about the benefits of the Arabuko Tree Platform. This facility which was built by A Rocha Kenya to generate income for secondary school scholarships has not been used since 2005. Even after lengthy discussions with Kenya Wildlife Services and Kenya Forest Service regarding the ownership of the facility permission to charge for the use of the Tree platform was not granted.
A month ago, the ASSETS beneficiaries formed a task force to steer the process of repossesing the facility and put it into use to supplement the income already being earned at Mida Creek by the community. Today the task force met to plan on the way-forward. This meeting took place at the site; Arabuko swamp, after a long chat about the baboons that raid their farms. Very enthusiastic about the whole process, the task force planned a meeting with the warden, Kenya Wild life Service to explain why they should be allowed to charge tourists for the use of the facility. The big meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 9th. Fingers crossed, we hope it will be a peaceful meeting and that the best decision will be made.