Meeting Alfred's Mother

Can't begin to apologise for working on Easter, but it was quite a special Easter indeed. I decided to give my day to those whom I felt needed it most. Particularly to Alfred Baya, the student we almost missed in our assessment. I was sent by the ASSETS eco-bursary sub-committee to revisit Alfred's home and meet the parents. Since they are can't be reached by phone, I had to just turn up and hope they'll be home for some reason. I wasn't totally unlucky as I found Alfred's mother at home. Alfred and his mother.jpg However my joy was short-lived; my camera batteries were flat. Luckily I had carried a spare pair of batteries but they too turned out to be flat. To get to the shop where I can buy good enough batteries called for another 20 minutes ride along the very slipery muddy road I had come on. My hosts told me that there is another rout which was also very muddy. My experience on the slipery section of the road I came made me think other can never be worse. I was wrong this one was deffinitely worse. Luckily this time with Alfred accompanying, we joined hands in pushing the motor-bike through the slipery sections of the road including one small stream. Back to Alfred's home where most of the children were now getting used to the sound of the motor-bike I had a good chat with both Alfred's mother and siblings. I watched as Alfred and mother were thatching Alfred's new house. Amazing survival techniques!Alfred and Mother thatching house.jpg

Can't wait to go back and meet the man of the house! While the committee was happy to support Alfred, it has taken an issue with the very poor living conditions of the family and decided to follow the matter up to make sure the parents take up their responsibility fully. You don't need an expert to tell the very visible signs of mulnutrition and ring worm in the children. Hopefully we'll be able to change the situation sooner.

The 2 beds in which the whole family sleeps.jpg

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