Selecting new ASSETS eco-bursary beneficiaries 2010

This was another momentous occasion in the operations of the ASSETS eco-bursary fund; a great opportunity to give hope to a needy student and an important habitat in Africa. The eco-bursary sub-committee met to deliberate on the students to receive bursaries for the next four years. The meeting today was held at Town Secondary school where Hemed Ndonga, one of the committee members teaches. A total of 25 students were selected today from among 26 applicants while two more are still waiting for assessment. The number of applicants this year was low due to an overall poor academic performance by most primary school. The process which was expected to last a couple of hours in the morning ended taking most of the day as a result of thorough scrutiny of application and assessment form and by the committee. Hemed Ndonga - ASSETS Committee member.JPGEvery application was discussed in length to fully determine the level of need and support required. After the selection process the committee came up with a work plan for the rest of the year. Among the activities outlined for this year include visiting beneficiaries in their secondary schools to encourage and challenge the students to work hard in class. Meetings with the parents were also organized to create awareness about the conservation challenges of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek. The committee planned two major tree planting events one of which will take place at Girimacha where there has been serious degradation. Looking forward to a busy year!

Suleiman Bakari - ASSETS Committee member.jpg