Taking up a challenge

You might remember Elizabeth Kanze, a girl from Mijombonicommunity who schooled in Ngala girls in Watamu. She was one of the best students we had in Ngala girls. Just a recap from the past postings, Kanze had dropped out of school because of early pregnancy.

Good news is that Kanze was able to go back to school after giving birth to handsome Ian. Kanze joined a local community secondary school early this year and she was very happy when we met her again in our beneficiaries meetings today. Together with her mum, they had doubts that they would be re-acceptance in the ASSETS programme. One exciting thing is that she has come out of the stress, stigma and broken heart. As she handed me her progress report for the 1st term 2010 of her last year in school, Kanze couldn't hold but smiled as i asked her what position she came out of her class.  Her progress is encouraging, she came top of her class of about 30 students. Look up for the next posting as Kanze will be sharing how she is preparing for her national exams and the plans she has for the future.