Pray my dream comes true

As I parked my iron horse at Elizabeth Kanze’s home, in sight were kids running up and down. Suddenly, they were all around my horse. Oh! there comes a man, who turns out to be Kanze’s uncle.

Kanze and her mum had gone off to till their land just a few minutes walk away from home. A young jovial girl volunteered to go for them. Soon, they all arrived home with the young girl carrying a bundle of firewood on her head– I missed a snap shot.

They weren't at surprised to see me, in fact they said they heard the sound of the motorbike as I zoomed in.

Sitting across the the table while holding Ian on her lap Kanze was happy to share with me her dream. ‘Now that am back in school, I just want to hold fast on to my dream career' she said. 'I have all it takes to be a Lawyer and am not changing my mind from this. With all the other challenges that come along with it, I hope it works' she continued. When I asked her about another career she has in mind apart from being a Lawyer, Kanze said for now she has not thought of a plan B.

'How are you preparing for your final exams?' I asked. 'On a normal school day, I spend my week in school. After supper, I take about three hours to study before I sleep. Then I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to study before I start preparing myself for another school day' she said. 'During holidays like now' she continued, 'I go to school on my own to study four days in a week then for two days I help mum on household chores and in between, get a few hours to study. It’s working fine so far.'

Kanze is a first born in a family of seven children. Her father who is blind is about 56 years old. Kanze’s mum works very hard to provide for the big family.

Kanze sees her parent's poor financial status as a challenge to work harder in school as she weighs the high demand of school fees against her ambition. She however dismisses these financial hurdles saying, 'they won’t deter me.'