Taking gifts across the river

It was utterly unbelievable to see the children so amazed by the visitors. Definitely, most of these children were seeing a "mzungu" (European) for the first time in their life.

Mgamboni children

Andras and Noemi, guests at Mwamba Field Study Centre had generously donated some note books and pencils to the children of Mgamboni primary school. Despite being a fairly new school Mgamboni has already attracted over 200 pupils who used to walk five kilometers to the nearest school.

Within five minutes of arrival, they had all gathered around the camera, each pushing and pulling their way to the front to be photographed. While Noemi was busy telling the students stories about Hungary, where they come from, Andras and I had a chance to see the classrooms and their only office.

Map of Kenya

Math class

It was great to see the enthusiasm in the teachers despite the very difficult conditions they are struggling to overcome.


We were later shown the school new classroom under construction. Here Andras was thrilled by the indigenous architectural skills which reminded him of his hobby back home, building kayaks.

Anras admiring the new classroom

In the end we were very happy about everything and surely the two hour drive to Mgamboni was worth it.