Stories by the ASSETS beneficiaries

June and Angela, two A Rocha Kenya volunteers, are keen to write down and share stories from the ASSETS beneficiaries. We hope by the third quarter of the year individual stories by the ASSETS beneficiaries will be published for all to read. This is the reason we went to Bogamachuko primary school again to meet the parents whose children are being supported.

Show your Pencil

Amazingly every time we go out for this exercise, we get to interview more people than we anticipate. Today we were going to meet the Chairman and two more parents but we ended up getting six different stories.

We arrived at Bogamachuko just after midday but it wasn't until 1.00 p.m. that we started the interviews. The pile of plastic bags outside the classroom were evidence of exams going on.


By the time we arrived, Mr Alfred Kirimo was already waiting for us. This very hardworking man has had two students graduating from High School with support from ASSETS. His first born, Priscilla is currently volunteering at Mwamba while Johnston, his second child is pursuing a High School Diploma at the Aga Khan High School after which he hopes to secure a scholarship to study abroad.

While June and Angela were busy interviewing the parents and teachers, I had a chance to gather a few children for a kite game.

Parachute Game

It was really funny, almost the whole school gathered around Mr Mwambao till the game was no longer possible.

Others enjoyed themselves playing volleyball instead.

Volley ball