ASSETS first camp - first day

Our first or the two ASSETS camps organised in August has started yesterday! This camp is designed for first year beneficiaries of our bursary scheme, so for most of them it's their first time in Mwamba, and for some even the first time to see the sea! They have come from all around the ASF, so many had long journeys to get here. This three day long camp is packed with activities, visits, good meals games and talks, from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening! Yesterday morning the students were shown round the site and the nature trail by our ASSETS volunteer Kirau, and listened to a couple of talks in the afternoon (on education and discipline, and on career choices and personality assessment). After that, we all went down to the beach to enjoy a well-deserved game of football, which was appreciated by everyone (girls included!). It ended on a score of 2-2, so the game will continue later today...! Enjoying football in beach sunset!