Snorkelling with the ASSETS students !

in the boat Today is the second day of our camp, and this morning, after a time of praise and worship and breakfast, we all headed to the sea to go snorkelling! For many it was the first time in deep water, so we used life jackets and life rings. The students weren't really decided at first and preferred just looking through the glass floor of the boat, but after an A Rocha volunteer got pushed in the water, and a couple of other volunteers joined in the water too, the first few jumped in the rings and tried it out.

Eventually nearly everyone took turns in going in and trying out masks to see the fishes and coral. We even had a boat of tourist next to us through bread in the water, so the fish literally swarmed around us, which impressed more than one. The students really enjoyed seeing big and coloured fishes, and encouraged each other to go in.

On the way back we stopped in more shallow water to play about without rings or life jackets. There the students were much more confident and had a lot of fun! So overall a great experience for everyone, students as well as volunteers!