Visiting Mida Creek and Gede Ruins with ASSETS beneficiaries

Today, last day of our camp already, after Morning Glory, a time of praise and worship, and assisting Colin in bird-ringing, the students headed of to visit the two eco-facilities which provide income for their bursary scheme. It was very interesting for the students to see first-hand where the money for their education comes from, and how this income is directly linked to the state of surrounding environment. We first visited Mida Creek, where we listened to a guide telling us about the different types of mangroves, and why they are endangered, as well as a bit on the birds of the Creek - we saw some flamingoes and yellow-billed storks!-, and we then moved on to try out the newly renovated boardwalk!


We then visited Gede Ruins and the tree platform, supervised by Brian, our current ASSETS volunteer. There the students learnt more about the history of the site, 'how people lived in the past'.

After this followed a lunch back in Mwamba, and a feedback time before everyone took off around 3. A few comments..:

'The teachings I got from the A Rocha hosts also contributed to have encouragement in studying very hard'

‘I learnt where the funds are coming from'

‘I have really learnt a lot about A Rocha and career chioces, and know my mind has opened’

‘thank you for your teachings they have benefited me and from here I have a story to tell my friends. From now I am sure I will advise people who go against environmental conservation’

‘I lack words to express how happy I am’

‘the other thing is that I will now change myself against the damaging of the forest and some of the creatures in our home area’

' I am sure this will result to a great change of my life'

'This is a camp will never be forgotten’