ASSETS Camp: Watamu Turtle Watch Visit


On Wednesday afternoon we visited Watamu Turtle Watch Visit with the students. Its impressive how curious they were, I'd never seen them ask so many questions!

Through a guided tour round the site, we learnt a lot about marine wildlife conservation, the threats to marine wildlife (and particularly human threat), and about the various programmes the Turtle Watch has in place (such as education, community conservation, ...) AND of course we got to see the 2 turtles they had there at the time! For many of us it was the first time we saw such a big turtle!

With this visit in the afternoon and snorkelling in the morning, the students learnt a lot in a day about all the species you can find under water! On this, a student said 'About the living creatures, there were so many things which I was not aware that they were existing in this world, so the A Rocha association has made me know about them' and another commented 'We saw different types of turtles and learnt their importance. We will take care of them if we come across them and try to educate others at home on wildlife and how to take care of it'. The students left with a sense of care of God's creation, and encouraged to tell others about it.

Praise the Lord for his beautiful creation and protection during the camp!

How would it feel living under that?