Planting and Giving Away:Sourcing for Indigenous Trees.

Recently, the ASSETS team at Mwamba has been working on a project that involves planting and giving away trees! Our community conservation assistant,Jonathan, made his way to the Gede ruins (where the treehouse is located), to collect different seeds of tree species indigenous to this area of Kenya.

He brought them back to Mwamba and planted them in the centre’s tree nursery bed. This nursery bed has the primary function of sourcing these indigenous

trees, such as Balanites and Diospyros squarrisa.

Tree nursery underway

When the seeds have germinated there, and grown to a suitable size, they will be dispersed to different places. Some will go to the parents of the children

who are given bursaries for school, to plant in their garden. The aim is for them to take care of them until they grow into beautiful full-sized trees.Others

of the germinated trees will be provided to the actual schools where the beneficiaries go. It will be up to the school to choose where they

would like to plant it.