A Little Environmental Trip Goes A Long Way.

Eleven students from Rift Valley Academy(RVA) a missionary international high school in Kijabe, Rift valley,  came to Mwamba for four days, for an environmental education school trip.

In this time, they visited some of the ASSETS tourist attractions They had a lot of fun walking along the boardwalk at Mida Creek and had canoe rides.

Mida Creek boardwalk

Their little environmental education trip went a long way in helping A Rocha reach some of its of objectives.In the very capable and experienced hands of Stanley,our environmental education officer, received lectures on conservation besides paying visits to other conservation organisations in Watamu like Watamu, A marine conservation organisation working to protect sea turtles and the marine environment and Bio-Ken,a research centre, which deals with reptiles, especially snakes and snake-bite

Whereas their stay at Mwamba indirectly benefited A Rocha's commitment to community-based conservation projects, as a certain percentage of what they paid during their stay at Mwamba was channeled towards  ASSETS bursaries , their visit to the ASSETS Eco facilities directly benefited the program as100% of proceeds went to the ASSETS bursaries.

canoe ride

I must say that they sure did,probably knowingly and unknowingly help us kill two birds with one stone-though as Colin always says "At A Rocha we don't kill birds!" and am in total agreement with him!

Except for those crows, of course,that have been a nightmare to people in Malindi district!

Unfortunately - for a third time - the generator at Mida Creek (required to fix some of the boards), failed to work. This is hugely important as the walk needs

to be fixed for people to visit and therefore generate income for ASSETS for bursaries. A new one will have to be bought.