A Chat With A Beneficiary.

An ASSETS graduate dropped by Mwamba center and had great news.

He just received his grades and they were very good; hence he wanted to come here and share the good news with us.

So  "A perfect opportunity for an interview," I thought.

Ronald Katana grew up in Mida, his dad is a farmer who grows Casuarina trees, and his mother catches butterflies and sells the pupae to butterfly collectors. He went to primary school and enjoyed school very much, one day ASSETS staff arrived at the school and they talked about the program and said that if the children got good grades and did their best ASSETS would support their secondary school education.

So he really wanted to go to secondary school and needed the help of ASSETS because his parents didn't have enough money to pay all of the school fees.

He worked hard while in primary school and in the end his grades were good enough for him to receive support from ASSETS.

Therefore  Ronald went to secondary school in Malindi. He completed his form form (O level) studies though it took him five years to do it. This was because his parents couldn't pay the rest of the fees at the start of form three, as a result,he had to wait for one year out of school for his parents to save for the fees.

The following year, he was able to go back to school and continue with his studies. While in secondary school Ronald worked very hard and did his best. Ronald knew how hard is parents life was so he worked hard in order to qualify for university.

He is very happy with the ASSETS program because without the program he would never have been able to go to secondary school. The funding of Assets also drove him study hard because he didn't want to disappoint the program.

Now secondary school is finished and he is looking forward to the future. He wants to go to university to study financial management. He is very interested in finances and he would like to become an accountant. At the moment he is waiting for a grant to go to university.

While he is waiting for more information, he is trying to find a place to go and volunteer or do a temporary job, however,he still has the dream of going  to university. He is very thankful for the help and support by the ASSETS program, the community and his parents.

Benji Vanbaelenberghe ,volunteer.