Farming Gods Way training

A Rocha Kenya as a conservation organization is also concerned with the wellbeing of the community that they work with. The community problems are so vast that the organization cannot fully support all of them but where the organization can, it extends its support. Through the ASSETS programme children have been supported through payment of part of the school fees and that has ongoing for 10 years now. Something that cracks the minds of the officer is how best they can involve the beneficiary parents in practical conservation activities, so as to relieve some of the burden the community have in their families. Farming Gods Way has been the answer to solve some of the community problems .The programme has not fully engaged the parents in such an activity since the how to do it has not been intensified .The ASSETS Community Conservation officer (Festus Masha) had an opportunity to attend a Farming Gods Way Training at Kijabe where he was able to articulate the skills based on biblical principles on how to conduct Farming God’s Way. This technique will not only transform the community but also will try to reverse the mindset of the many who do not believe in this. fgw

Festus Masha on a practical Farming Gods Way

‘The how to do it’ digging perfect planting holes


Conventional plot


Farming Gods way plot