Chipande Primary School Shines the Assets light

Chipande primary school lies near mangrove thicket that extends from Mida creek and goes to the village of Chipande. There had been a lot of destruction of the margrove thicket along this area, that’s why the ASSETS program identified the school as an important point towards mobilizing the larger community around it. Initially this school has been doing badly in terms of Academics, getting students on board of the ASSETS programme was a nightmare. The conditions set to programme was one of the issues behind this, as a fact, one was obliged to obtain a pass mark above 320 out of the 500marks so as to be eligible for the scheme. Years have passed without getting students from this school and the parents’ morale was also down as result of the few numbers of the parents on board. Last year was amazing for this school, the programme recruited 6 students but the fate was that they were all absorbed in a private school which the programme does not support. It was later clarified by the ASSETS Community Conservation officer and all had to transfer to public schools and the programme supported them. The good thing was that among the new parents(Mr. Mumbo Mwakalama) was once a treasurer of the school and his being in the cluster really boosted the morale of the cluster and meetings are held on a weekly basis something that was not happening. As I interviewed him he said…’’the secret behind all this is unity, being able to accept each other and giving feedback to meetings set by themselves…whenever an issue arises within the cluster a solution is raised so as to contain it, this way you will see parents coming to the meetings nowadays ‘’. kip

Jovial Mumbo Mwakalama-at his home where he was visited by Festus Masha-A Rocha Kenya Staff